Apr. 2nd, 2016 02:39 pm
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CW: 238.2
So obviously happy about the weigh in today. That was way more than I expected and I'm delighted.
I also went for a walk with Kaecie before she left for her parents' house, and she told me not to expect her back tonight and possibly not tomorrow. Which is awesome. I really feel like I could use the alone time.
But I don't really feel like I'm getting it. Jesse is texting incessantly and I just don't have the energy or the patience for it today. I want to be nice and I keep reminding myself that I'm going to have to be on the look out for being nasty to people because of the physical effects, but it's hard when I have a headache already and she's sending me random bits and pieces of conversation and my phone is going of constantly.
So I'm gonna have to work on that.
Therapy was funny in that she noticed nothing. I mean she never does unless I say it outright but it's always weird to know how much I'm down and that she's a long way from being able to see it.
Which is normal. I know that. It takes people a long, long time to see the effects of weight loss. Especially if they aren't already on the look out. And she isn't. Simple as that.
All that said, aside from the headache, I feel pretty good today. I'm gonna take some aspirin and try getting some work of some sort done, since I feel like I haven't done much of anything today. Probably cleaning to start with and then we'll see.
I did walk almost two and a half miles today. Now I just need to not be a flop all day.    


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